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Talent Concept

bode hightech enterprises attach great importance to the construction of talent echelon, adhere to the "election, use, education, stay" a complete system of personnel mechanism for employees to provide personal career development platform, while improving the development of enterprises on the post of talent on the demand.

Talent Selection
Talent Utilization
Talent Cultivation
Talents Retention
With a recruitment mechanism of emphasizing equal stress on integrity and ability, and with the principles of combining the integrity and ability, strict employment and reasonable termination and employing the most suitable talents, we have built up a talent recruitment system using internal recommendation and external recruitment channels, and absorbs the qualified domestic and oversea talents for the development of enterprise.
Our talent utilization mechanism is based on fair competition, reflecting the spirit of ‘moral-oriented, innovation-rooted and performance-honored'. We support the development of the fittest, promoting those with abilities and replacing those unqualified. We promise every employee shall be well respected and recognized by the enterprise and is dedicated to setting up a fair playing environment.
Study is the starting point of making progress, training is necessary for the development of enterprise. Via internal & external training channels the company constantly conducts trainings for employees and consistently improves the value of employees. Moreover, the company advocates the concept of ‘lifelong study' and built the learning organization for constantly exploiting the employees' potential and improving their capabilities. Through all the efforts, the company successfully cultivates the employees' moral, loyalty, responsibility and makes them more innovative, performance-honored and dedicated in their jobs.
Through company culture, internal promotion and training, personal care & support, work together & achievement sharing, the enterprise builds up a working environment which encourages employees to improve themselves, with relaxing working atmosphere, the considerate admin service and the fair performance assessment system. The enterprise retains and develops the talents in the diverse aspects via competitive salary compensations & staff welfare, good working environment, training & developing opportunity, career development channel, good company culture and atmosphere, long term incentive etc.

Career Growth

In bode hightech, the employees can select management or professional career development dual channel according to the company's strategies, career interests and specialties, interconvert channels. bode hightech has put up the talent development management system of recognizing, developing and retaining talents to popularize enterprise culture and values, improve the employees' capacity, increase the employee dedication and provide broad space for employee development.

Recognizing Talents

Every year, bode hightech makes an inventory of all the employees and establishes three talent pools, namely professional technology talent pool, potential management talent pool and potential senior management talent pool respectively. The employees in talent pool will develop projects about technology or management. bode hightech will allocate senior tutors, and regularly evaluate training effects to promote the growth of employees in talent pool.

Developing Talents

bode hightech has a set of perfect job performance management system for effectively training and developing talents, helping the employees to objectively and accurately evaluate their own occupational level, understanding development space in work, and creating career development channel and promotion channel for each post, so that the employees can make continuous improvement in management, technology and professional literacy.

Retaining Talents

By means of making an inventory of key talents and pool projects, bode hightech makes talent plan for future key posts, and combines talent development and future openings to realize talent promotion, job transfer and talent retention through talent map and succession plan.


Training Development

In the bode hightech , employees can be based on the company's strategy, professional interests and expertise to choose management or professional career development of dual-channel, channel can be converted between each other; companies to build talent recognition, development, retention of talent development management system, promote corporate culture and values , To enhance staff capacity, increase employee engagement, for the development of staff to provide a broad space.

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Employees' Life

bode hightech constantly improves the work and living environments for staff, including a rich cultural life and improved compensation and benefits.

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Career Opportunity

bode hightech provides posts, training and development opportunities for potential and passionate talents, and provides perfect incentive mechanism to help them to realize career and personal development goals. Welcome to bode hightech. Let's go to good future together!

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