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Machining Solution

bode hightech takes customer needs as the center and combines its own research & development advantages and technical service advantages to provide customers with total solutions and continuously create value for customers.

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Technical Service Support

bode hightech combines global high-end customer demands to enter customers' production site, assist customers with technological demonstration, make effective solutions, fully solve customers' machining problems, improve cutting speed and precision, and promote customers into high-benefit machining era!

Global Technical Service Center

bode hightech has a professional technical service team, and sets up four technical service centers in Europe, America, Hong Kong and China to serve global local market.

Germany Technical Service Center   Tel:+49 641 601-0 The United States Technical Service Center    Tel:+1 (0) 201-940-7314 Hong Kong Technical Service Center Tel:+86-574-8300 4060 China's Technical Service Center
Local Service Center  Tel:+86-574-8300 4027
Service Center in South China  Tel:+86-769-8999 8768
Service Center in Jiangsu and Shanghai  Tel:+86-512-5527 2206

Customer Relations

bode hightech upholds German craftsmanship, German standard and German technology, always adheres to the concept of "Creating Value for Customers", takes the market as the orientation to closely research the demands of the World's Top 500 Enterprises, dig the customers' desires, continuously research and develop higher-performance and higher-quality products so as to provide global customers with total solutions.  bode hightech adopts rigorous, systematic, standard and informationalized management to make continuous innovation in several links e.g. research, development, production, sale and service, and constantly improve the customers' market competitiveness and create value for customers.  

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