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German Management

bode hightech  fully upholds German advanced management concept and experiences, applies systematical, rigorous and standard system to each management level, continuously improves corporate management level through sustainable reform and innovation, and makes efforts to build bode hightech  into an international first-class enterprise!

Scientific Strategy Making

bode hightech  applies modern management tool, and provides correct direction for the enterprise's long-term, rapid and healthy development through scientific and reasonable strategic planning and specific strategy making. For many years, bode hightech  holds annual strategic meeting, constantly inspects and regulates corporate strategic planning to make each major decision more normalized, perspective and systematical, and guarantee keeping its leading advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition.

Sound Management System

bode hightech  attaches great importance to corporate system construction, so it has established perfect management system and set up specialized organization to regularly review and perfect the operation of the existing systems. bode hightech  carries out periodic review on the rationality and adaption of these management systems every 2-3 years, and learns from management systems and experiences of German enterprises to constantly intensify systematization, rigorousness and standardization and guarantee efficient operation of subsidiaries and departments!

Perfect Informatization Construction

bode hightech  absorbs German informatization technology and persists in implementation of corporate informatization management in the aspects e.g. production, sales, management, human resources, system and operation. In 2003, bode hightech  took the lead in introducing international first-class ERP system to standardize internal operation of enterprise. In 2004, bode hightech  extended ERP application from internal enterprise to front and rear ends, and explored to ERPⅡcollaborative commerce direction to realize data sharing and process interface with suppliers and customers. In 2008, bode hightech  introduced SAP to fully implement informatization. In 2010, bode hightech  fully implemented lean production management. In 2013, bode hightech  introduced IBM informatization management system to fully implement project management; completed full upgrading of OA system; and passed ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification of SGS Company. In 2014, bode hightech  introduced the world's first-class People soft human resource management system. After several years of application and practice, the informatization construction of bode hightech  always keeps the industry's leading level.

Efficient Project Management

The project management mode implemented by bode hightech  fully applies the world's most advanced project management tool and concept, provides scientific basis and powerful guarantee for the enterprise's project decision and implementation, achieves powerful control in the aspects e.g. time, quality and cost to realize efficient and normalized management and guarantee the enterprise's long-term development.

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