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Enterprise Culture


Enterprise Vision

Better Wire, Better World

The market demand-oriented bode hightech provides global customers with personalized and customized solutions. bode hightech products are mainly applied to aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, precision clocks, automobile manufacturing, medical apparatus and instruments, electronic communication, precision mould, and household appliances industries to improve the world's industry manufacturing precision and speed and create good life for human.

Enterprise Mission

Our business is committed to guiding the development of global high-end precision wire industry, upholding German hundred-year enterprise spirit, keeping the world's top-level brand, promoting the progress of era, and sharing the resulting glory and achievements.

We are committed to research, development, innovation, production and manufacturing of global high-end precision wire to lead the industry development. We uphold German Berkenhoff enterprise spirit to constantly upgrade German management and technology and keep the world's top-level brand development. Furthermore, we realize capital appreciation by means of capital operation and integrating social resources. We promote the enterprise development and social progress, and share the resulting glory and achievements.

Enterprise Value

Guided by ethics; seeking innovation; driven to perform

bode hightechholds itself accountable, for both results and moral correctness, not only to shareholders but also to society and to ourselves
Innovation is our core competence, the soul of enterprise evolution, and the intrinsic driving force for growth and success.
By deeply and deliberately rooting that creative spirit into our corporate culture, we are capable of true continuous improvement, and continually improved output. The performances we have achieved and will in the future are the direct result of our desire, effort, talent, focus, dedication, and passion - yet also an outgrowth of staying true to what we know to be morally right and the right things to do.

Enterprise Spirit

Sincere Cooperation, Brave in Innovation, Challenging the Future

For life or work, bode hightech employees always adhere to enthusiastic, honest and faithful spirit for active communication and cooperation, advocate pioneering and innovative concept, and promote constant upgrading of global high-end precision wire industry by means of fearless struggle to help you stride forward to beautiful future.

Enterprise's Business Policy

Research Customer's Desires, Develop Blue Ocean Products and Lead Industry Development
Apply German Technology, Adopt Systematic and Rigorous German Management, Achieve German Quality
Innovate Business Model, Intensify Professional Services, and Increase Customer's Value

bode hightech relies on powerful market research capacity and scientific research& innovation strength to dig customer's needs, research customer's desires, integrate social technology, develop blue ocean products, and lead the industry development. We continuously research, develop and innovate new high-end precision wire products, and promote rapid development of modern industry.
We uphold the spirit of German hundred-year enterprise, and implement systematic, rigorous and standard management for continuous reform and innovation to create international first-class enterprise and achieve the world's top-level German quality.
We continuously explore and innovate business model, apply Internet and modern enterprise thought, lead the development of era, take customers as the center to intensify professional service ability, increase customers' benefits and market competitiveness, constantly create value for customers.

Business Tenet

Create Value for Customers

Customer is the only power to promote our business development.
We can get the customers' trust and support after creating value for customers; we can get the leading market competitiveness after creating value for customers; and we can get sustainable development of the world's top-level brand.
Therefore, creating value for customers is the starting point and criterion of all our actions.

Working Style

Fast, Short, Direct and Effective

The most direct and effective method at the fastest viable speed, to complete the existing tasks in the shortest time.


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