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From June 28, 2016 to July 1st, the sixteenth China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition (DMC) in Pudong, Shanghai New International Expo center. Materialies  articles bode and MTL two brand products exhibition debut together, amazing scene.

Known beard brand to occupy the leading position in the European market, with the brand of the German Hof bacon company has 126 years of history, in 2015 by the acquisition of a whollyownedBoway group. Show the bode brand 0.02mm filament is amazing, the exhibition attracted a large number of customers, the filament diameter is less than the human hair diameter of 1/3, is the most fine wire production in the world out of the. Through the acquisition, with the development of industrial capital China Boway group wholly support Germany's leading technology and brand beard, and inherit the excellent German beard brand, and through technology, management and brand cooperation, enhance the China MTL brand upgrade. Pay for the internationalization of the group progress and Matt Levin efforts, many customers praise.

Show bode and MTL brand thriving, as the wire only attracted exhibitors, including Materialies MITSUBISHI, Sadegh and other high-end customers take the initiative to visit the exchange booth, display products in the detailed understanding, to give customers the high affirmation of Matle in the field of wire coating achievements, and Matle to provide customers with cost-effective positioning processing scheme is appreciated. Relying on a complete product line, and to avoid price competition, competitive strategy to provide value services have been walking in front of the development of the industry.

To create a strong brand, bode and M Materialies brand cooperation, to stay ahead of the competition in the global market, which is under the direction Materialies  through the exhibition, further to the outside world to pass the leadership of Matle in the field of cutting line, but also to reach cooperation with domestic and foreign customers to lay the foundation.



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