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Ningbo bode hightech Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as bode hightech ) is a global high-end precision wire leader. Its subordinate Berkenhoff GmbH owns over 134 years history. Berkenhoff is the world's top-level precision wire production enterprise and the global first-class and world-famous high-end precision cutting wire inventor and leader. Its brand, "bedra", is the top brand in the global EDM wire industry.

bode hightech fully upholds German spirit, German technology, German standard and German management of hundred-year Berkenhoff, devotes itself to research, development, innovation, production and manufacturing of high-end precision wire industry, and continuously promotes the development of global high-end precision wire leading brand to provide global customers with total solution, improve the world's industry manufacturing precision and speed, and create good life for human.

bode hightech  has accumulated rich experiences in research, development and manufacturing of precision cutting wire, possessed the world's first-class, modernized and intelligentized production lines and internationally leading testing equipment, introduced SAP, CRM, MES, OA and People-soft E-HR management systems, and established advanced management system to sustainably lead the development of global high-end precision wire industry.

bode hightech t integrates global resources and technologies to sustainably promote the development of global precision cutting wire industry. Its subordinate wholly-owned subsidiary Berkenhoff GmbH has European (Germany) Research, Development and Production Base and Asian (Ningbo) Research, Development and Production Base.  bode hightech  realizes independent research and development of whole precision cutting wire technical process, grasps several global leading cutting wire manufacturing technologies, and obtains 137 authorized invention patents. Its subordinate brand bode has the world's most leading precision wire technology and highest quality standard, and achieves precision cutting wire specification from 0.33mm to 0.02mm which is the world's highest manufacturing level at present and helps global industry manufacturing precision to reach micron size.

bode hightech  researches and analyzes the development trends of the World's Top 500 enterprises, initiatively leads the industry development, personalizes products, helps customers to provide personalized and customized solutions which are mainly applied and serve aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical apparatus and instruments, electronic communication, precision mold and household appliances industries, and provides high-quality solutions for global high-end customers. Moreover,    bode hightech  is the strategic partner of more than 100 world's top-level brands.bode hightech  upholds German craftsmanship, promotes continuous upgrading of global high-end precision wire industry, and changes the world with a wire!    bode hightech   persists in upgrading German management and keeping the world's leading quality with the world's more advanced concept and more intelligent technology; persists in innovating high-end precision wire products with global wisdom and talents, creating higher benefits for customers and improving customer value with professional solutions; and persists in integrating  global resources to gather core competitiveness for the enterprise, realize capital gain, create higher returns for shareholders, jointly share investment achievements and do our best to serve the society.

bode hightech has the world's largest precision cutting wire production base.

bode hightech's European research, development and production bases with a history of about 133 years, located in Herborn and Hoyle Helm of Hessen Germany, have invented the world's first generation of professional brass cutting wire and global first style of coated wire with the world's top-level research and development technical strength, so that the metal processing field strides forward to precision manufacturing era.

Germany Herborn R&D and Production Base
Germany Hoyle Helm R&D and Production Base

bode hightech's Asian Research, Development and Production Base, located in Ningbo China, devotes itself to research, development, production and sale of high-precision cutting wire, and is the most influential high-end precision cutting wire manufacturing, research, development and production base with the global largest scale, the most advanced equipment and the most perfect process. At present, the specification of coated cutting wire, tinned wire and brass cutting wire is from 0.07mm to 0.33mm, which has ultrastable  mechanical property and flat cable quality, and consistent geometrical features to ensure the cutting discharge stability.


bode hightech's Asian R&D and Production Base

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