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Concern for Employees

First-class enterprises can not be separated from first-class employees. bode hightech has attached great importance to construction of employee team for many years. bode hightech adheres to the people-oriented principle, emphasizes humanistic concern and cultural identification, gives employees a comprehensive range of care and security in the aspects of working environment, housing security, life logistics, cultural and sports activities, children's school attendance, personal growth, etc., and assists difficult employees suffering from serious disease or economic loss by establishing corporate welfare fund to compose a big cohesive employee family of executive power, mutual care and mutual help. Up to now, bode hightech has built 380 sets of staff houses, and assisted difficult employees for more than 200 person-times.

Deliver Care in A Burning Hot Summer

Build Staff Houses, Concern for Employee Life

Help Employees Purchase Tickets, Assist Employees in Returning Home Smoothly


bode hightech adheres to the mission and responsibility of helping the society and repaying the society for a long time. Development of charity activities is the dedication of the enterprise to the society and also the power of the enterprise to get a lasting success. We actively take action and make unremitting efforts for building a better society. bode hightech is always enthusiastic in and focusing on social public welfare. bode hightech persists in the concept of "Enterprise Development Depending on Society, Enterprise Achievement Repaying Society". bode hightech does not forget to shoulder social responsibility when making efforts to develop the enterprise. For many years, bode hightech sends warm to difficult masses with practical actions and provides support for local construction. bode hightech's "Welfare Fund" mainly helps the disadvantaged families suffering from serious diseases or great economic loss. So far, it has provided assistance for more than 200 person-times.

Environmental Protection

bode hightech adheres to sustainable development strategy, accelerates construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly production mode and operation pattern, and makes contributions to building "Green China" when realizing its own low-carbon operation.

Save Energy, Reduce Consumption and Practice Clean Production

Advocate Green Office Action, Start from Enterprise Itself

Save Energy, Reduce Consumption and Practice Clean Production

bode hightech attaches great importance to environmental protection. For many years, bode hightech has been continuously responding to national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and ceaselessly eliminates process and equipment with outdated capacity and polluted environment. In recent years, bode hightech has invested RMB tens of millions in modification of environmental protection equipment and upgrading of environmental monitoring system, all-round environmental protection alteration of production equipment to fully practice clean production and create a environment-friendly enterprise. Regarding working mechanism, bode hightech establishes dynamic supervision system, increases environmental protection self inspection and internal assessment, realizes win-win situation of natural environments, social benefits and economic benefits, fully embodies social value, and makes active efforts for promoting sustainable development of social environment.

Advocate Green Office Action, Start from Enterprise Itself

An investigation on environmental protection of office shows that the wastage rate of printing cost in office reaches as high as 40%, and a lot of paper applications have become the important source for wasting of resources. For more than ten years, bode hightech has advocated modernized office, and developed a series of office software instead of paper spreading. bode hightech popularizes low-energy-consumption office, paperless office and circulating use inside the enterprise, effectively promotes energy conservation and environmental protection measures, starts from its own, saves resources and protects environment.
In future, bode hightech makes use of constantly leading technology, takes wisdom production, further improves methods, integrates resources, and saves energy in the links of product research, development, manufacturing and testing to ensure safer, more environment-friendly and more intelligent research, development and production process, make resources more saving, environment better and ecology more beautiful and makes active and unremitting efforts for construction of Green China!


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