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Hundred-year Berkenhoff

Hundred-year Inheritance, Open Precision Manufacturing Era

In 1889, Carl Berkenhoff created Berkenhoff GmbH in Herbol, Hessen, Germany.

Carl Berkenhoff and his team were very proficient in wires. At the earliest, they took traditional waterwheel as power source to realize stretching through driving of rotating device. For achieving the wire diameter of 0.10mm, they have experienced many drawing processes, and painstaking experimental operation and tests. The world's first drawing machine researched and developed by Berkenhoff was available. The invention is a huge success for young Berkenhoff and indicates the arrival of the world's precision manufacturing era.

In 1920, for meeting huge demands for metal wires and quality improvement of papermaking industry, Berkenhoff set up metal manufacturing factory in Kinzenbach together with two companies in Southern Germany. In the precision wire manufacturing factory, various kinds of copper alloys were casted, smelted and cut into bar and finally drawn out into a precision wire.

In 1923, original manual processing workshop was upgraded to a full factory with production by machines. At this time, the lifeful Berkenhoff GmbH grasped the global advanced wire manufacturing technology and became the leading enterprise of precision wire era.

In 1943, the Lazanianke couple from Soviet Union invented the world's first electric discharge machine processing device. In 1960, Soviet Union firstly developed wire cutting machine to make the brand requirements of precision cutting wire higher. Berkenhoff GmbH took the lead in setting up electroplating workshop to fully research and develop high-precision wires and meet the market demands in 1965.

In 1977, Berkenhoff researched and developed the first generation of professional brass cutting wire with the cutting piece thickness of 50mm, so that the cutting speed increased to 25mm2/min, and the cutting speed realized significant breakthrough.

In 1979, Berkenhoff GmbH got the first style of coated cutting wire patent to provide cobracut® coated cutting wire for mechanical equipment supplier Archie, and became the first coated cutting wire product with patent. At that time, Berkenhoff GmbH had became the global cutting wire industry leader, grasped global top-level precision cutting wire core technology and guided the world's precision manufacturing to stride forward to higher stage.

Leading Innovation, Achieving the Global Industry Leading Brand

After more than one century, Berkenhoff GmbH has been developed into a global company integrating with research, development, production and sale of precision wires. Its products involve in spark erosion, electronics, welding, medical technology and other special wires. Berkenhoff made continuous innovation and invention, initiated the field of precision cutting wire, made outstanding contributions to progress and development of the world's precision cutting wire industry, became the global top-level manufacturer of high-end precision cutting wire, and was highly respected by the industry.

Its "bedra" Brand is well-known in the world's precision cutting wire industry, has incomparable quality and absolute market leading position in the field, and becomes the industry benchmark. It represents the world's most leading precision wire technology and highest quality standard; represents high-quality product and excellent customer solution; and represents the stability and high precision of precision cutting wire in the field of electrosparking.

Up to now, Berkenhoff GmbH has 113 invention patents in the cutting wire industry, is the strategic partner of more than 100 top-level brands, and is honored as global high-end precision wire leader!

Deep Integration, Promoting the World's Manufacturing Industry Development

In 2015, China Boway Group wholly acquired Berkenhoff and created bode hightech . Under continuous investment and integration of capital, technology and talent of bode hightech , Berkenhoff GmbH, a hundred-year enterprise, was rejuvenated and invigorated. At present, Berkenhoff GmbH continues to focus on research, development, innovation, production and manufacturing of high-end precision wire industry, provides global customers with total solutions, improves the world's industry manufacturing precision and speed, and creates good life for human.

Please visit:www.bedra.com for details.


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