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Enterprise Profile

Ningbo bode hightech Co., Ltd. is a global high-end precision wire leader. Its subordinate Berkenhoff GmbH with a history of about 130 years is the world's top-level precision wire production enterprise, and the global first-class and world-famous high-end precision cutting wire inventor and leader. Its "bode" brand is the first brand in global industry.bode hightech fully carries forward German spirit, German technology, German standard and German management of hundred-year Berkenhoff, and devotes itself to research, development, innovation, production and manufacturing of high-end precision wire industry to continuously promote the leading brand development of global high-end precision wire, provide global customers with total solutions, improve the world's industry manufacturing precision and speed, and promote the progress of era!

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German Management

bode hightech  fully upholds German advanced management concept and experiences, applies systematical, rigorous and standard system to each management level, continuously improves corporate management level through sustainable reform and innovation, and makes efforts to build bode hightech  into an international first-class enterprise!

Scientific Strategy Making

bode hightech  applies modern management tool, and provides correct direction for the enterprise's long-term, rapid and healthy development through scientific and reasonable strategic planning and specific strategy making. For many years, bode hightech  holds annual strategic meeting, constantly inspects and regulates corporate strategic planning to make each major decision more normalized, perspective and systematical, and guarantee keeping its leading advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition.

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Corporate Responsibility

First-class enterprises can not be separated from first-class employees. bode hightech has attached great importance to construction of employee team for many years. bode hightech adheres to the people-oriented principle, emphasizes humanistic concern and cultural identification, gives employees a comprehensive range of care and security in the aspects of working environment, housing security, life logistics, cultural and sports activities, children's school attendance, personal growth, etc., and assists difficult employees suffering from serious disease or economic loss by establishing corporate welfare fund to compose a big cohesive employee family of executive power, mutual care and mutual help. Up to now, bode hightech has built 380 sets of staff houses, and assisted difficult employees for more than 200 person-times.

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Global Users

High-end precision cutting wires researched, developed and innovated by bode hightech  are widely applied to global aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, medical apparatus and instruments, automobile manufacturing, precision mould, electronic communication, high-end clocks, household appliances and other industries.  bode hightech provides professional and efficient total solutions for the World's Top 500 enterprises and high-end industry customers e.g. AGIE CHARMILLES, Mitsubishi, Sodick, Volkswagen, BMW, Bosch, Electrolux, LTDA, MOLEX, BELMONT EQUIPMENT&TECHNOLOGIES, HGH, GMBH&CO, KG, Gree, BYD, AAC Technologies, Procter & Gamble, etc. 

Hundred-year Berkenhoff

In 1889, Carl Berkenhoff created Berkenhoff GmbH in Herborn, Heuchelheim, Germany. Carl Berkenhoff and his team, who were very proficient in wires, have experienced painstaking experimental operation and tests. The world's first drawing machine researched and developed by Berkenhoff was available. The invention is a huge success for young Berkenhoff and indicates the arrival of the world's precision manufacturing era.

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